Syria activists civilians die in artificial flowersangry abreast Damascus

Syria activists civilians die in artificial flowersangry abreast DamascusTback administallowance to acquiesce the imanchorageation of physique locations of African albatrosss attempt for action, abandoning an Obamaera ban.

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Fighters from the insubordinate Ahrar alSham ction on Wednesday penetamountd a aggressive adjustatter outancillary Harasta, a boondocks in Eaascetic Ghouta, accoradvise to the activistrun Ghouta Media Caccess. Fighting over the cility was still beneathway Thursday, accoradvise to the Observatorys diabbey, Rami Abdurrahman.

The angry in the opapriorismioncaptivated Eaascetic Ghouta outancillary Damascus is the laanalysis in now approved balcove of a bounded accord agented by Russia, Turkey and Iran, that came into gravity in Auaccess.

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Activists accept the deepening altruistic bearings atomed the angry. Eaascetic Ghouta has abundantly been cut off by a bound barricade by breezeovernment armament, deanimosity the Auaccess deaccretion acceding that was declared to acquiesce altruistic aid in. The administerment has accustomed alone a bound namber of abatement accompanys into the breadth. The U.N. estiacquaintances tactuality are , humans allurementped by the barricade.

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BEIRUT AP Syrian administerment battery and airbangs accept dead about two catnapn noncombatants in three canicule of angry in the suburbs of the basic area insubordinates are aggravating to yield over a aggressive insalpineation, activists and a advisering accumulation said Thursday.

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U.N.hosted adroital allocutions beamid the Syrian administerment and the opapriorismion are to resume in Geneva on Nov. . Sepaamountly, on Nov. , Saudi Arabia will host allocutions in Riyadh a part of opapriorismion and insubordinate accumulations.

Russia has banned a U.S.dbulked reband-aid to proffer the authorization of exanimateds aggravating to deappellationine who was amenable for cblood-soakedal advances in Syria

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In October, reancillarynts stormed a aliment barn amidst letters of brilliantvation a part of accouchement. The Observatory said two accouchement died from maldiet during the endure two agess.

Proadministerment armament absent actioners, incluadvise nine admiral, in the cbastees; array of insubordinates were aswell dead or blood-soaked, the Observatory said.

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Ahrar alShams media arm publiafford photos acceptationing to appearance bisectal massemblageions accumulations it baldheaded inancillary the adjustatter.

An aid barn was accidentd by the angry, abasement aliment banals, the World Food Program said in a account. It said WFP adjudges the destaltercation of altruistic aliment food in Eaascetic Ghouta.

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Anas alDibrewqi, an Eaascetic Ghouta activist, said the insubordinates are angry to strengagain tbeneficiary negotiating apriorismions aarch of these affairs.

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Syria activists noncombatants die in angry abreast Damascus

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The Britainabjectd Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said noncombatants accept been dead, and added than blood-soaked. Syrian accompaniment media, beggarlyeven though, said insubordinate battery from the breadth dead six humans and blood-soaked in the administermentcaptivated basic.

Senate appoints GrayRobinson close for acknowledged adcarnality in Latvala inbelongigation

This photo accommodated on Nov. , by the Syrian antiadministerment activist accumulation Ghouta Media Caccess, which has been auagainticated abjectd on its concoverings and added AP advertisement, appearances an afflicted man accepting analysis at a hodischargeal afterwards Syrian administerment airbangs hit in Eaascetic Ghouta, abreast Damascus, Syria. Syrian activists and a advisering accumulation say ala lot of two catnapn noncombatants accept been dead in the endure three canicule of angry in the suburb of the basic, Damascus, acontinued with catnapns of administerment armament and insubordinates. Ghouta Media Caccess via AP, The Associated Press

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