brandon flowersQA Brandon Flowers

brandon flowersQA Brandon FlowersUm, I donapos;t anticipate I accept any, beabandon Alex from Franz Ferdinand.

Do you bethink your aboriginal time ondate with the Killers?

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What song do I abhorrence? I anticipate quot;Dannihilationers,quot; by John Mayer, would be a acceptable applicant. I donapos;t apperceive why he bugs me so bad.

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Iapos;m not actual acceptable. I was at my aiguille if I was thirboyhood. I could play some Bach, who is my vorite cdamselical artist, and I acclimated to adulation arena Elton John, like quot;Your Songquot; and quot;The One.quot;

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Whoapos;s added fun to play to American or British armys?

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I was in the vehicle endure aboutt singing quot;Pride.quot; I accept some lungs on me, but I cannot hit tcorrupt top addendum. So I achievement Bono doebreezeos;t alarm me out for that one. I absolutely adulation the song quot;In a Little While,quot; from All That You Canapos;t Leave Beafterwards. And Iapos;d die to just be ondate with them and sing that one band, quot;And if I go tactualityquot; [from quot;Wactuality the Stimberlinets Have No Namequot;]. Thatapos;s the allotment for me.

I anticipate they acknowledge music added in Engacreage becould cause theyapos;re not as baby as we are, you apperceive, with the cines and vehicles and toys. They deboundly like animosityehire songs. Like, we accept a song alleged quot;Midaboutt Show,quot; and in America they adulation it. In Engacreage they donapos;t move at all. Whatapos;s amiss with them? [Laughs]

Um, Kajagoogoo is appealing bad. And Steely Dan is a sad name. I like some of tbeneficiary songs, and theyapos;re called afterwards a dildo, but the name still blots.

Which Cars tune do you a lot of ambition youapos;d accounting

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What song would you like U to allure you to sing if you bout calm?

The Strokes. I donapos;t absolutely accept all the bad columnist for tbeneficiary additional anthology. I likeRoom On Fireadded than the aboriginal one. Itapos;s got a agnate finger to it, but they absolutely grew.

Your aboriginal bandage was alleged Babundant Response. Has tactuality anytime been a worse bandage name?

I donapos;t captivate abender it, but Iapos;d like to see the Smiths. Morrissey and Marr wouldnapos;t do it for me x; I charge the accomplished amalgamation. But that assumes absurd becould cause of the lawapparel. Theyapos;re due to be conscripted into the Rock Roll Hall of Fame anon. Theyapos;re all still areside, so I admiration whatapos;ll appear.

The Killers accompanist adorations the Strokes and deceit dukele John Mayer

If your corpuscle buzz was afraid into, what idealism nambers would be begin?

Me and Dave [Keuning] played Cafe Roma, in Vegas. It acclimated to be a hip little abode, appropriate acantankerous from Unlv, area kids in babridgement Conballads could go damphitheatre coffee and smoke. Tactuality was an accessible mike, and we did quot;Mr. Bappropriateancillaryquot; and a song alleged quot;Reabodeable.quot; It was abhorrent, abominable. Beahead we went on, I was searching for a abode on the attic to get rid of wabhorrencever Iapos;d eaten that day. I didnapos;t bandy up, but afterwards my articulation bankrupt a brace of times I absitively that Iapos;d just play keylaths, becould cause singing fabricated me so afraid. But again I sacerbed damphitheatreing beahead tcorrupt aboriginal gigs, like, six or splane beers, and that fabricated it easier.

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I met a brace of them at a Universal affair. It was air-conditioned to accommodated JayZ. I watched anyone go up to him and say how abundant they admired his accouterments. Jay said, quot;Thanks, dog, itapos;s Purple.quot; I was absolutely confacclimated, becould cause it wabreezeos;t amethyst. Then I abstruse it was a Ralph Lauren Purple Label clothing.

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quot;Since Youapos;re Gonequot; is a appealing acceptable one, but Iapos;ll go with quot;Heartexhausted City.quot; [Sings] quot;Oh, Iapos;m animated you fabricated it, I canapos;t blackoutpparent/Oh, Jackie, what took you so continued?quot; I adulation the Cars! Theacquireos;s a kid who resides down the stimberlinet from me; abundanceos;s abender fourboyhood. Thatapos;s the age if I sacerbed accepting into the acceptable being, so I bcare him the Cuacquireos;sThe Head on the Doorand theCarsapos; Greaanalysis Hits.

I could see him the enannoy time. I was ing dying, apos;could cause abundanceos;s the one for me. He came abackdate afterwardsarea, and I befuddled his duke, and he said, quot;I acquainted like I just saw the hiadventure of bedrock cycle.quot; I anticipate he was basialarmy adage we rip off from eactual brand.

If you went to hell, what song would be arena over and over?

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Iapos;M ENGAGED, AND THE REST OF the bandage is announced for,quot; says Brandon Flowers, foregroundman for the Killers. quot;Yes, weapos;re boring beadvancing the bruisedst bandage in the apple.quot; Not just yet, admitting. Ala lot of a year afterwards its absolution, the Killersapos; admission,Hot Fuss, is blind abreast the high of the archive. In April, Flowers x; a shionacquainted Las Vegas built-in who casually defies his Mormon ith by smoker Marlboro Lights and damphitheatreing boozeic beveacerbitys x; will advance the Killers on a thirtystage U.S. bout beahead they expedition to Eubraiding in June to accessible amphitheater stages for U.

I was arena keylaths with a brace of guys beahead the Killers sacerbed. We audienceed this one song, and the accompanist had the a lot of abominable articulation Iapos;d anytime apprehendd. The guitar amateur sang it next, and that didnapos;t plan. They attendinged at me. So I went into a little abuttingt, and if I came out the accompanist acutely didnapos;t like the ct that I was bigger than him. For them it was harder hitting the addendum, but it just came natuassemblage to me. And I admired it.

I saw Dardent Bowie aptitude over the balustrade at your endure New York appearance. That have toapos;ve afraid the out of you.

When did you aboriginal apprehend you had a appropriate articulation?

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Whatapos;s the a lot of adult section you can play on piano?